Frequently Asked Questions



Yes we do want all dogs to be spayed or neutered. However we are understanding that lots of vets recommend large breed dogs not be fixed until older ages. As long as there are no behavioral issues as a result of being intact and for females that they not attend while in heat we are ok with waiting up until 18 months in age for the procedure to be done.


                             DO YOU SEPARATE DOGS BY SIZE AND AGE?

Also yes and no. We do have two groups. One group tends towards older, calmer and smaller dogs. Anyone who isn’t big enough to play with the main group and anyone who needs calmer play with more breaks goes in this group. They have a smaller play space but don’t need as much area and we leave extra blankets, beds, and toys in this group. Our main group is all sizes and ages and has a much larger space to run around and play. They do also have a break area for when dogs need rest. Most of our dogs go in this group, so long as they can handle a more active day of play!


                                   WHAT SHOULD I BRING WITH MY DOG?

For DAYCARE we of course need your pup, their collar and their leash. We prefer that collars be of a breakaway variety and that you do not bring them in metal or chain collars as we will have to remove those. If you want your dog to eat lunch bring that too, we will not give food unless it is provided by the owner. For BOARDING dogs all of the above, including food for all meals you want your pup to be fed. We prefer that meals be bagged individually and do not allow large food bags or containers that would be difficult to raise and lower off a tall shelf.  Also bring any supplements, medications, or other supplies needed to keep your dog healthy and happy.


                                 WHAT SHOULDN’T I BRING WITH MY DOG?

As stated above we prefer that all collars be breakaway and do not allow metal or chain collars in the playgroup. For boarding dogs we do not need toys, beds, bowls, etc… from home. We’ve got toys and supplies here and anything you bring might get lost, destroyed, or soiled by the dogs here, so we’re happy to just use our stuff!

                                          WHATS THE STAFF TO DOG RATIO?

We shoot for one staff member to every 15 dogs or so. We typically have 40-60 dogs and 3-4 staff working at a time.



Well, to be truthful we do have a few crates in the building but they are there as a last resort for safety reasons when a dog needs to be separated. (It’s also how we feed the dogs safely!) In general we start with getting a misbehaving dogs attention verbally and try to discourage whatever misbehavior that way. This can escalate to asking them to come over to a staff member and asking for some form of obedience, like sitting and focusing for a second. With repeat offenders we may use a slip lead or more one on one training to work on continued behavior. Only if nothing is getting through and for a safety related reason we might move to separate a dog in a crate for a short timeout. We like to focus on positive reinforcement as well. Rewarding the right behavior. Come by our place for a tour and you can hear how calm we keep things with 50 plus pups all free to play!


We have a limit to how many dogs we can safely watch in our facility. Our play yards are big but there is still a point where it can be too many pups. This is usually around 80 dogs total. We also have a limit of 25 for overnight as we only have so many bedrooms available for our bunking pups. Reservations let us make sure we stick to those limits and don't end up with more dogs than we intended. It also helps us see how busy we are expected to be so we can plan ahead and have enough people to provide the best possible care. Fees encourage everyone to book responsibly so that we aren't holding spots for dogs that won't be there while turning away pups that could've been. We appreciate everyone understanding these policies and making their reservations ahead. Thank you!