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Every time I pull up to Happy Dog Tonya gets so excited!

I don't have to wonder how well she is treated or how much fun she has, her pulling and inability to contain her excitement as she often drags me to the door tells me all I need to know.

Mark R.


Daycare is offered exclusively at

Happy Dog Care Ellicott City

Normally 6:30am - 6:30pm M-F

Sat + Sun: 8-9am, 12-1pm, 5-6pm


10246B Baltimore National Pike

Ellicott City, MD. 21042

Why Doggy Daycare?

Happy Dog Care is Howard County's largest crate-free, indoor/outdoor facility just for dogs! It's the perfect place to bring your fur-babies to romp, splash, socialize, or even just relax (if they feel like it!).

We provide a welcome alternative to leaving your fur-babies cooped up and alone all day. We are the cure to many obstacles in your dog leading a rich and fulfilling life-- obstacles including anxiety and poor behavior due to boredom and over-the-top energy levels. We remedy this with crate-free play and socialization with compatible dogs.

We have large outdoor yards with pools, obstacles, and interactive toys, climate-controlled play rooms and rest areas available all day to the whole pack!

At Happy Dog Care, your dog can fulfill their instinctual need to be part of a pack in a fun, safe environment


Daycare Rates

(Discounts for cash/check payments)

Half Day

under 5.5 hours



Full Day

6 -12 hours



(no expiration, use when you want)

10 Half Days


10 Full Days


20 Full Days


Unlimited Passes

come as often as you like, weekends included


Weekly Speed Pass

expires after 7 days


Monthly Speed Pass

expires after 31 days

(best price for 19+ days a month)


Sibling Discount

Buy 2 of any day or daycare pass and get 10% off both.

Occupational Discounts

Military, Veterans, Educators, Seniors, and First Responders take 5% off.

Groomers, veterinarians, pet store employees, and anyone who works with dogs take 10% off.

"[Sully] always loved his time at Happy Dog

-both he and Kepler before him could have been "poster dogs" for your center. And I always had peace of mind knowing they were safe and happy with you. 


Thank you for all to do. My only regret is that you aren't closer to where we live here in Westminster  ;-) Take care. We will not hesitate to recommend your facility!"


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