When it comes to your dogs stay, you want the best for them and also for your wallet.

Unfortunately many places like to add fees and charges for walks, playtime, and other activities to help keep your canine pal comfortable. Happy Dog Farm would like to offer an alternative, for a flat rate of $70 a day EVERYTHING is included

  • Free home pickup within 5 miles of Happy Dog Farm or from Happy Dog Care in Ellicott City
  • 100% crate free care
  • 24 hour specialized, 100% customizable care and monitoring
  • Climate controlled indoor rooms with elevated beds and TV’s
  • All day access to a large outdoor yard
  • Playground, interactive toys, pools & a few friends to socialize with
  • Free bath after a 5 day stay
  • Text and photo updates straight to your phone
  • Bedtime snacks and of course plenty of cuddles!


The Safe, Healthy & Fun Place for Dogs to Spend the Day While You’re Away

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