happy-dog-3Our professionally trained staff will be glad to take care of your pet’s grooming needs.

Whether that involves giving a bath, clipping nails, or providing a show quality trim. If you’re booking these services in conjunction with day care or boarding, please make the grooming reservation in advance as well to ensure your spot on the schedule.

Services requested at drop-off may not be available.

Bath Packages: (includes ears, nails, and brushing)

  • 0-20 lbs$30.00
  • 21-49 lbs$35.00
  • 50-70 lbs$40.00
  • 71-89 lbs$45.00
  • 90-100 lbs$65.00
  • 101+ lbs$75.00
  • *All long/double coated breeds will have a $10 additional fee unless purchasing the furminator package.

Additional Grooming Services

  • Moisturizing Conditioner $5.00
  • 15 minutes Brushing/Dematting $10
  • Nail Trim $12.00
  • Nail Dremel $15.00
  • Rinse and Dry$20.00
  • Ear Cleaning$10.00
  • Furminator Shed Reducer (In Addition to Bath)$15.00 + bath

Note – Dogs requiring extra care (i.e. extremely long hair, dematting, behavioral problems, skin conditions) will be charged an extra $10.00 per every 30 minutes of extra time taken.

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